Cyberpunk Now

Regularly, I find headlines and articles which remind me we’re living in the Cyberpunk future I’ve enjoyed so much in books and movies. Time to microblog my curated...

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Stirred Up

I’m easily excited by technology and software, and am prone to getting swept away with ideas, wanting open hardware and the hardest of corest of linux distros one...

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Hario Scale

My wife got me a Hario digital scale to make coffee with. This is a great example of a thoughtful gift. I’m an enthusiast of coffee preparation methods,...

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Muh Bread

Quick look at the steps for baking my sourdough. My starter was homegrown from water, flour and patience.

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Victor's Delusion

I’ve seen the argument that the poor and disenfranchised “simply aren’t trying hard enough” as an undercurrent supporting US capitalism. The idea started to ricochet around my brain...

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Doubling Down on Task Managers

I’m a bit obsessed with task management. I’ve worked with countless pieces of software, paper notebooks, misused software not intended for task management, and even used a Mike in Analysis 2 minutes

Revisiting Godin

Two weeks ago I mentioned some useful daily habits I was working on. Here’s a quick update on how that’s going:

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Happy Quasi Quadrennial

Happy leap day. I’m struggling to write every day, if I’m being honest. However, today my friend Martyn showed me his shiny new Github Pages blog and...

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You got it Godin!

I don’t go in for New Year’s resolutions, but it’s mid-February and I’m bursting at the seams with motivation. What’s going on right now? Here’s tiny list of...

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