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Applying YNAB Rules to Other Resources

During a conversation with my buddy Mike, regarding task management software and processes, (a recurring theme), he invoked YNAB’s first rule, applying it to time management. You Need a Budget (YNAB) is phenomenal budgeting software, deserving of its own post - I’ll just gloss over its rules, for now.

YNAB’s rules:

  1. Give Every Dollar a Job.
  2. Embrace Your True Expenses.
  3. Roll with the Punches.
  4. Age your money. (Used to be: Save for a Rainy Day)

Money is a resource. Maybe YNAB’s rules work for other resources. Maybe Mike is onto something big here. Let’s swap in time, for money.

  1. Give Every Minute a Job.
  2. Embrace the True Nature of your Tasks
  3. Roll with the Punches.
  4. Not sure how to save time…

How can you apply these rules?

Give Every Minute a Job

Start your day by planning. You’re going to work x hours, you have a list of y things to do, plan your day. Put in a lunch block. Mark when you’re going to stop.

Embrace the True Nature of your Tasks

Optimism can be frustrating if it causes you to underestimate your tasks.

Roll with the Punches

Estimating is always hard, unexpected demands creep up. Use planning tools that make it easy to move tasks around!

I think the perfect time and task management tool would incorporate these points.