Mike in Motivation 2 minutes Providence

You got it Godin!

I don’t go in for New Year’s resolutions, but it’s mid-February and I’m bursting at the seams with motivation. What’s going on right now? Here’s tiny list of Good Things I’m keeping going:

  • Daily podcast time (any show I love with new information and passionate people)
  • Practicing Dvorak (probably a waste of my time, since I’m sufficiently good at QWERTY, but it’s been a goal for years, time to kill it)
  • Headspace.com - just started it, but 10 minutes a day for a chance to make my brain better is worth trying!
  • Crossfit! Gaby and I are meeting our minimum of twice weekly. Feeling bad? Don’t want to go? That’s exactly when you need to go. Got a headache? Sore spot in the back? PMS? Your physical pains will be SQUASHED by a one hour session.

Tim Ferriss’ latest podcast episode with Seth Godin certainly isn’t helping me revert to my insular and lazy ways. If you missed that, go listen now. Forget about me.

Godin says you should write every day. This one’s for you Godin.