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Stirred Up

I’m easily excited by technology and software, and am prone to getting swept away with ideas, wanting open hardware and the hardest of corest of linux distros one day, all Windows devices the next, and digging on Safari and Mail.app on latest macOS the day after. Other times I love the patchy life, sitting on macOS but using all third-party services and apps. I’m absolutely incorrigible.

Recently, a friend of mine reminded me how cool RSS is. I’d stopped reading via RSS a while back, for a variety of reasons, but thought it’d be worth trying out again. Searching for a nice client led me to NetNewsWire1, which just hit an alpha release and is already supremely usable and quite nice all around. The client fired up with some RSS feeds, one of which pointed me to macopenweb.com2, “a collection of open and indie Mac, iOS, and web apps that help promote the open web,” and that was a fun read.

Unsurprisingly, catching and reading RSS has meant reading ever more tech related content. A year-plus old post made it to the front page of the HN RSS feed I read3 and it’s pushing me to try emacs again, for the nth time4 (happily).

Finally, I’m playing with MailMate5 again, because it fits in with this vibe of sweet indie macOS apps that are made with love and show it.