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Time Management Tools

It’s time to start focusing on the tools. Well, on time management tools.

Just two days ago I wrote that we should stop focusing on the tools. The point I made is to stop optimizing once you cross into diminishing returns. However, sometimes it’s good to focus on the tools, specifically if you think you can make them better.

Ever catch up with your brain and realize it was way ahead of you all along? The reason why I’ve flitted from one todo application to another is because, simply, none of them do exactly what I want. After years of that, it’s dawned on me that I should build one with the feature set I want.

It’s a hobby project, it’s going to take a while, but it’s already been in the works for years, willing itself into existence, carved from the negative space left by lacking apps.

What’s been missing? Here are a few ideas:

  • Time blocking with both static and fluid objects (I finished early, move my plans around, but not the scheduled call with the CEO)
  • Time blocks which can draught from context lists (from noon to 4pm feed me items tagged “project x”)