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Learning Elixir #1

Browsing hacker news, I came across Learning Elixir: My side-project and it motivated me dig deeper into elixir. My day job involves a lot of PHP and a fair amount of devops type work, and it has been ages since I’ve set out to learn something really different.

My next stop was Why Elixer from the Erlangelist, Saša Jurić. This juicy post got me more and more excited while spinning off mini-research missions into things like macros in C++ and abstract tree syntax - subjects I’ve only barely brushed up against.

I then talked to my friend and elixir user Mike Dwyer and bemoaned my complete lack of footing in the world of elixir. I know not of elixir or erlang and my functional programming experience is limited and rusty! Adrian Phillipp’s blog post was great for motivation, but I wasn’t sure where to start. Dwyer recommended Dave Thomas’ “Programming Elixir,” and then pointed me to a series in DailyDrip which provides a free intro in short daily posts: Introduction to Elixir. Day-one is a cinch ;) In the closing notes is an unmissable video of Carl Hewitt answering questions about the actor model!!