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Muh Bread

Quick look at the steps for baking my sourdough. My starter was homegrown from water, flour and patience.


Shaped Autolysis has been done overnight. Dough formed into a boule

Final Rising While Oven Heats

Final Rising While Oven Heats Bread is set near the oven as it pre-heats to 450F, 30 full minutes

Quick Reshape Before Cooking

Quick Reshape Before Cooking Right before going in, quick reshape if necessary

Carefully Dropped Into Hot Pot

Carefully Dropped Into Hot Pot Ok, maybe not so carefully

30 Minutes Later

30 Minutes Later 2/3 of the cooking is done, time to remove the lid and put back in for the final 15

Done Cooking

Done Cooking

Curing on a Rack

Curing on a Rack Ideally for hours, but it never makes it too far beyond initial cooling

Cut and Serve

Cut and Serve This was a delicious loaf!

This is the what. I’ll add a post about the how, later.