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Revisiting Godin

Two weeks ago I mentioned some useful daily habits I was working on. Here’s a quick update on how that’s going:

Daily podcast time

Going strong. Excellent source of new data for my brain to munch on. Generally listening to productivity, finance or humor. I’ll list the podcasts I actually listen to regularly at the end.

Practicing Dvorak

Great - I can now type with the dvorak, but slowly. Continuing to practice to pick up speed. Using the typing cat typing tutor and chatting for at least a few minutes a day with the layout selected. Painfully slow, but working.


I picked up a subscription Headspace to keep going, and now I’m into 15 minute sessions. I miss a day here or there - I seem to do well if I hit this early in the morning. I’m already noticing that the days I miss my session tend to be more scatterbrained days. Chicken or egg?


Going strong. Minimum of 2 days a week, and Gaby and I are setting the goal of going 3 days a week for all of March. We’re putting this month in turbo mode by adding Whole 30. We did it once before and loved it!

Writing every day?

Well, writing is, by far, my most public promise, and the archives are embarrassingly light. It’s difficult to create a new post every day. I struggle to have something worth writing about every single day. But the point is that you can’t be a good writer without first being a bad writer, and to be a bad writer, you have to write.

But you have heard of me

“but you have heard of me” - Bad Pirate Jack Sparrow

List of Podcasts

I am subscribed to many more podcasts, but these are the ones I’ve been listening to regularly!